Welcome aboard Voyager Project.

This cooperative experience casts two players as a recon team dispatched to Station Eos, a cold-war era science-fantasy facility hidden below the surface of Pluto, in response to a distress beacon received ten years too late.
MY ROLE ON THE PROJECT: Creative Director and Producer
On this project my responsibilities included:
Creative Direction - Developing, championing and communicating the project's creative vision; I pitched and workshopped concepts, developed design documentation and worked with the Lead Level Designer and Art Director to establishing the narrative & aesthetic identity for an original IP.​​​​​​​
Narrative Design - I produced written game-content, designed high-level narrative direction and produced embedded narrative content using Unity tools to develop the narrative layer of our level design through set-dressing and scene composition.
Leadership - I championed team culture; organising team bonding opportunities, resolving conflicts and assisting team members with pursuing their career interests by finding growth and leadership opportunities within the project.
Communication and Organisation - I established, managed and adapted team processes for task management, bug reporting, design iteration and development pipelines; leading stand-ups, sprint-planning and forum-style meetings. I also worked with team leads over the course of the project to create processes that worked for individual and project needs as they changed.
Strategic Planning - I lead the strategic journey of the project, establishing development phases, milestones and pipelines for delivering Release Candidates ahead of key dates and events.
Art - I assisted the art team in producing 3D game assets as well as 2D promotional material and video content.
One player, the ‘Explorer’, is the 'boots-on-the-ground’ search party; traversing Station Eos in first-person while overcoming physical challenges and threats. Their companion is the ‘Operator’, a hacker-archetype who provides support remotely from terminal interfaces inside the relative safety of an orbital pod. The Operator must monitor their teammate’s vitals, remotely control aspects of the environment and hack into the station's data archives to uncover hidden information.

The Explorer must become the Operator’s eyes and hands, as they traverse ever deeper into the derelict station. By combining their knowledge and abilities, the two players solve environmental puzzles, overcome deadly hazards and uncover a timeline of events leading up to the crew’s mysterious disappearance.

Using two networked computers, both players’ games are deeply entwined and co-dependant - making communication the cornerstone of the experience.

Cooperate Asymmetrically - two fundamentally different, yet intimately entwined experiences.
Collaborate and Solve - environmental and action-focussed puzzles, that require meaningful cooperation and challenge your communication.
Uncover Hidden Narrative - a rich narrative embedded within each players’ game, put together the pieces to learn the tragic fate of Station Eos’ crew.
Get Your Hack On - as the Operator, you’ll have a suite of interconnected systems to master; learn to bend Station Eos’ long-dormant machines to your will!
Explore Stunning Environments - as the Explorer, you’ll delve deep into a vividly realised science-fantasy world inspired by retro-sci-fi epics. Learn the secrets and overcome the dangers of a forsaken planetary outpost!
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