IF_YOU_LEAVE is an interactive transmedia narrative concerning romantic toxicity.
It uses trans-media storytelling techniques including audio, visuals and Google.
Best enjoyed WITH HEADPHONES, in the dark.
Content Warning: Emotional Abuse, Body Horror
MY ROLE ON THE PROJECT: Sole developer
As the sole developer on this project, I was responsible for everything including:
Scripting - I scripted gameplay and visual effects using Twine, including systemised narrative structures that track player behaviour to dynamically change aesthetic and written content.​​​​​​​
Narrative Design - I designed the trans-media story structure including dynamic narrative systems for delivering game content.
Writing - I wrote, edited and implemented the game text.
Planning - I scheduled the development of the project to deliver game builds on time for milestones and the final deadline of the project.
Art - I created the 2D game assets, video content and programmed the CSS to create the game's aesthetic.
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