There's nothing more glamorous than being a bootlegger at the height of the prohibition era! Seal deals, play nice (or don't) and earn a pretty penny too!
But watch out, the IRS are gathering intel on your every move and it's there job to shut you down for good.
Navigate a complicated political situation. Will you work with your fellow bootleggers when it benefits you, or screw them over when you get the chance?
Can you trust them not to give away valuable information to the IRS player?
One player takes on the role of the IRS agent who must crack down on the other players, legally or otherwise. They'll need to strike up deals, set up ambushes and watch their back if they're going to make it to retirement.
In 2015 this prototype was developed into a university project under the title 'Read Em and Weep'. It went on to be showcased at the Swinburne Games Showcase 2015 and PAX Aus, as well as being developed into a design framework for first year students to follow.
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